Dr. Sahar Hoteit

Title: Resource Scheduling  in Cloud-Radio Access Networks


Cloud Radio Access Network is a promising mobile network architecture. It is based on decoupling Base Band Units (BBUs) from Radio Remote Units (RRUs) and on centralizing the baseband processing of many Radio Remote Heads (RRHs) in a BBU pool. Such architecture paves the way for many improvements in mobile networks such as increased flexibility, increased energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, and better user experience. This tutorial compares the Cloud-RAN architecture to that of traditional RAN and presents the new challenges that have to be addressed in Cloud-RAN. In particular, as computing resources are shared among the RRHs connected to the BBU pool, it becomes increasingly challenging to schedule the processing of users’ data while respecting the time constraints imposed by the Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) mechanism.  To tackle these issues efficient scheduling algorithms are discussed and compared with respect to different performance metrics (e.g., throughput, fairness, etc.)


 Sahar HOTEIT is currently an associate professor at Université Paris Saclay-CentraleSupélec. She received the Diploma in Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon, in 2010; the M.S. degree in network and computer science from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6) in 2011 and the PhD degree in computer science and networks from University Pierre and Marie Curie in 2014. My current research interests are Cloud-RAN architecture and scheduling algorithms.