Accepted papers

A Blockchain-Based Data-Sharing Scheme for Inter-Vehicular Safety Applications Lundquist, Doug (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Active attack that exploits biometric similarity difference and basic countermeasures Lyu, Pin (Northwestern Polytechnical University); Cai, Wandong (School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical, University, Xian, China); Wang, Yao (Xidian University, Xian, 710126, China)
Adaptive Data Rate Based Congestion Control in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) Jayachandran, Srihari (University of Windsor); Jaekel, Arunita (University of Windsor)
EVALUATION OF DENIAL OF SEVICE ATTACKS IN SOFTWARE DEFINED-COGNITIVE RADIO NETWORKS Velempini, Mthulisi (University of Limpopo); Lebepe, Mampuele (University of Limpopo)
Frame Design for Adaptability in Long-range Underwater Communication Barbeau, Michel (Carleton University); Blouin, Stephane (Defence R&D Canada, Atlantic Research Centre); Traboulsi, Ahmad (Carleton University)
Investigating the effectiveness of Spectrum sensing Data Falsification attacks defense mechanisms on Cognitive radio ad hoc networks Mapunya, sekgoari semaka (university of llimpopo)
M-ODD: A Standard Protocol for Reporting MANET Related Models, Simulations, and Findings Savic, Izabela (University of Guelph); Asch, Marshall (University of Guelph); Rourke, Keefer (University of Guelph); Safari, Fatmeh (University of Guelph); Houlding, Patrick (University of Guelph); Fraeys de Veubeke, Jeremie (University of Guelph); Ernst, Jason (University of Guelph); Gillis, Daniel (University of Guelph)
THE EVALUATION OF THE TWO DETECTION ALGORITHMS FOR DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK Velempini, Mthulisi (University of Limpopo); Rikhotso, Vukosi (University of Limpopo)