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8th EAI International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks

September 26–27, 2016 | Ottawa, Canada

Things to Do


Check out this video for an introduction to Ottawa!
The scenic city of Ottawa, the national capital of Canada, is located at the intersection of 3 rivers and lies on the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It is a rich city, filled with much culture and history, and contains a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the form of the Rideau Canal. 
Ottawa is also a major national technological centre with hi-tech work being the primary industry in the city. All of these combined factors make Ottawa the perfect locale for hosting AdHocNets 2016.
The city has something for everyone in the Fall season and all AdHocNets 2016 attendees as well as their accompaniment(s) will find a variety of safe venues and events to explore during their time in Ottawa. Check out Ottawa's many famous museums or satiate your food cravings at one of the city's many award-winning restaurants. Enjoy local Fall events such as the Ottawa International Animation Festival or pick apples at Mountain Orchards. Ottawa offers an exciting variety of activities to suit all tastes and budgets and any stay in the city is sure to be an interesting one.
Presented below is a small sampling of the activities that Ottawa has to offer and if you are interested in seeing more, we recommend checking out The Ottawa Tourism Centre and Discover the National Capital for more information and full listings of events.
View Ottawa in all its beauty!
National Gallery of Canda
The National Gallery of Canada is an internationally-recognized repository of art work and holds the best collection of Canadian art in the world. Globally-acclaimed for its powerful exhibitions and for its stunning architectural design, the National Gallery of Canada is a must see location for any visiting the capital.
Canadian War Museum
The Canadian War Museum is Canada`s national museum dedicating to the reflection on and understanding of armed human conflict and how it has shaped the nation`s history. Boasting one of the finest military holdings in the world with more than 3 million relics, works of art, documents, and etc, a trip to the Canadian War Museum is sure to be an expansive and illuminating one.
Canadian Museum of History
Serving as Canada`s national museum of human history and development, the Canadian Museum of History commits itself to fostering a sense of common identity between all Canadians and to exploring the cultural diversity that is Canada at its core. With its striking and unique architectural design, the Canadian Museum of History is a stand-out feature in Ottawa and a great vault of learning and knowledge.
Canadian Museum of Nature
Presenting exhibits on the natural world covering all aspects of nature ranging from arthropodology to zoology, Canada`s national museum of natural history offers exciting learning experiences through its interactive exhibits. The museum building also holds the distinction of being the emergency headquarters of the Canadian government in the year of 1916 when Parliment was consumed by fire.
ByWard Market
Established in 1826 by the famous military engineer, Lieutenant Colonel John By, who also constructed the famous Rideau Canal, the ByWard Market is Canada`s oldest continuously operating farmer`s market and a rich zone of culture and nightlife. Within an area of around 4 blocks square, one can find an incredible variety of museums, pubs, cafes, restuarants, and more. A trip to the ByWard market is highly recommended and is considered to be a must-see for visitors to Ottawa!
Gatineau Park
Located in Quebec just north of downtown Ottawa, Gatineau Park consists of 361 square kilometres of forested land and offers a wide variety of outdoor activites. With an expansive multitude of outdoor options available, visitors can enjoy a brisk hike through the woods, go biking through the park`s many trails, or enjoy a lovely picnic with companions. Gatineau Park is a spectacular opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in Ottawa!
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Credit for photos and video go to Ottawa Tourism.